top limo etiquette tips
We get a lot of questions about proper etiquette and tipping suggestions from our client and friends. What is the proper way to exit a limo? How much should I tip? We want you to look classy and act like a pro when it comes to riding in a limousine. Here are our top limo etiquette tips and advice for your next limo transportation service.

The Ritz List of Top Limo Etiquette Tips

  1. Make your request known in advance

    Let the limousine company know the size of your party when making reservations. If the size changes, relay that information to the limo service to ensure safety as well as comfort. Your professional chauffeur will load any luggage. If you would like to stop anywhere in particular, let your driver know before he embarks on the trip to your destination.

  2. Smoking

    In Vancouver, smoking is not permitted inside the passenger cabin area of any private sedan, limousine, limo bus or shuttle.

  3. Entering The Limo and Seating Arrangements

    Most limo parties have a VIP. They might be the one who paid for most of the costs, or the one celebrating a special occasion. They are the focus. The seat at the back right is referred to as the “power seat”. Let the VIP have the power seat. The seats that are backwards facing are known as the “jump seats”. They will tend to be the least comfortable in a limousine. When you enter the limousine, sit down, swing your legs in and then slide on down. Don’t step in without quickly sitting as doing so gives already-seated passengers a close-up view of your rear end.

    And gentleman… ladies always enter first. Hold the door for them, even if the chauffeur is there.

  4. Exiting the Limo

    Your chauffeur will always open the door. Stay seated until the door is opened for your party. Allow your chauffeur to assist you with your exit. The last person to enter the limo will be the first to step out. As you exit, take a gander around the limousine to ensure that there is no damage or debris left behind.

  5. Keep it Classy

    Though limousines are luxurious vehicles with plenty entertainment features, bar service areas, comfortable seating and luxury interior finishings, they are fragile so be gentle. You don’t want to get charged for damaging the limo.

    Drinking in any motor vehicle in Canada is now strictly prohibited. Passengers can be charged under the motor vehicle act for drinking inside of any motor vehicle including a limousine. Refrain from sticking your head out of the sunroof for obvious safety issues. The use of illegal drugs and smoking is also a big NO while riding in a limo. Try not to distract the driver by playing with the privacy divider as they have a very important job to do; making sure you arrive at your destination safely. A limousine is a large vehicle and takes a little extra focus to operate safely than your standard car. Treat the driver with respect and kindness.

  6. Gratuity and Tipping

    You can always tip your driver with cash. It will always be accepted. Give it to your chauffeur directly as a reward for great service as you exit the vehicle. Your tip should equate to 15-20 percent of your bill (as you would at a restaurant). Remember that there is a considerable amount of work your driver does that goes on behind the scenes to make your limo ride a great experience. As long as your driver is on time, courteous and responsive to your inquiries, he deserves a tip.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your next Vancouver limo transportation go as smoothly as possible.